In an era where technology intertwines with human potential, Eric J. Rodriguez stands at the forefront, guiding leaders through this transformative landscape. Inspired by Peter Diamandis' ethos, 'The best way to predict the future is to create it,' Eric's talks blend deep technological insight with a focus on humanity's core values.

Eric empowers his audience to navigate and thrive in the digital era, championing a future where technology amplifies our human experience. His mission is to inspire change-makers, fostering a connected, empathetic, and inclusive world.

"Eric's insights into how technology can enhance and expand the human experience within our industry were not just informative but truly inspiring. His talk left a lasting impact, encouraging us to think innovatively and embrace the changes shaping our world."

-Tony Aguilar
Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals

Building The Future of Human Experience

Are you eager to propel your team into the forefront of the digital era, harnessing the essence of human-centric innovation and potential? Eric's keynotes offer a captivating exploration of leadership and self-realization in our rapidly evolving tech landscape. Engage with Eric to uncover the art of impactful leadership and the courage to shape a future enriched by technology. Book Eric for your upcoming event and witness a dynamic shift in your team's perspective and efficacy.

"Your Legacy is NOW" redefines the concept of legacy, illustrating it as something crafted daily through personal and professional decisions. Eric shares how integrating one's values into their career not only builds a personal brand but establishes a meaningful legacy that influences and inspires within and beyond professional boundaries. Through practical insights and examples from his own leadership journey, he demonstrates how intentional actions can forge a lasting impact. Attendees will leave empowered to shape their legacies actively, aligning their actions with their aspirations for a profound and positive impact.

In this compelling keynote, Eric redefines the relationship between technology and humanity, illustrating how digital tools are not merely adjuncts but extensions of our human capabilities. He challenges audiences to reconsider the role of technology, showing how it can deepen connections, enhance understanding, and foster inclusivity. With insights drawn from a rich background in technology and human development, Eric inspires a vision of a future where technology is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, enhancing rather than replacing the human experience. Attendees will emerge with a renewed perspective on using technology to not only achieve professional goals but to create more meaningful and connected human interactions.

Your Legacy is NOW

The Future of Human Experience

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"Eric has supported many Intel professional development conferences as a keynote speaker. Eric is authentic in his storytelling style and ability to connect with audiences. He brings value to any audience from the richness of his lived experiences. Eric has been one of the few speakers that are consistently engaging the audience and having attendees leave events with value-added content and learnings."

-Prentiss Jackson
Intel Corporation

"Eric was extremely inspiring and down-to-earth.  He truly felt like a friend to many and engages the audience as someone who truly cares about those receiving his message. Besides his great ability to connect with the audience, I also appreciated his level of commitment and preparation for the event." 

-Yeny Malavar

"Eric’s keynote at Loyola Business School was not only insightful but a testament to the power of personal narratives in understanding complex subjects like Artificial intelligence.  His emphasis on continuous learning and adaptation in the face of rapid technological changes resonated deeply with our young audience. Eric's ability to capture the imagination of the next generation and make them think critically about the future of business in an AI-driven world is commendable." 

-Dean Michael Capella
University of Loyola New Orleans

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