The Short-Sightedness of Reducing Efforts in Inclusion

January 27, 2024

A human-centric future can be built for everyone.

In a world rapidly embracing digital transformation, the retreat from initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion is not just concerning – it’s a strategic misstep. As the digital landscape evolves, customer autonomy and individualized experiences become paramount. Those companies stepping back from inclusion today risk missing out on the vast opportunities that the next decade and century hold.

By 2030, billions more people are expected to gain internet access, exponentially expanding the global digital marketplace. This isn’t just an increase in numbers; it’s a surge in diverse voices, needs, and expectations. To build products and services that resonate in this burgeoning market, inclusion isn’t an optional checkbox – it’s a fundamental requirement.

Creating an inclusive business model is undeniably challenging. If it were easy, it would be the norm rather than the exception. However, this difficulty underscores its value. Inclusion in the digital age means more than just broadening your market; it’s about understanding and designing for a spectrum of human experiences. It’s about ensuring that your digital footprint resonates with the diverse, global audience that the internet brings to your doorstep.

As a leader and visionary in technology and human experiences, I’ve seen firsthand the power of inclusive design and thought leadership. Through my work, from leading initiatives like the Oakland Education Initiative with Intel Corporation to engaging with groundbreaking projects like Google’s Code Next, the key lesson is clear: long-term thinking is critical. The future of business is not about quick fixes or ticking diversity boxes. It’s about embedding inclusion into the fabric of our strategies, understanding that our efforts today lay the foundation for tomorrow’s success.

In this rapidly digitizing world, where technology and human experience are increasingly intertwined, building a standout business requires a commitment to inclusion at every level. This commitment might be challenging, but it’s non-negotiable for those aiming to make a significant impact in the next decade.

As we forge ahead, let’s remember that the future of human experience is in our hands. Let’s choose to build it with inclusion at its core.

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